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Monday, January 30, 2012

A Tour of My Unusual Bedroom.....

As promised, I am going to let you take a peek at my really strange bedroom.  It's a work in progress, so don't judge!  Here is what you'd see if you were standing in the door.....
It has a little entry hall thing going on. 
To the left there is the door, behind which is the shower....
I kind of closed the door so you can see it.
You'll see the hinge for my husband's closet. His closet doesn't go all the way to the ground, don't ask me why, the person who built it is no longer here to ask.  Hmmm, wonder if we could tear out the wall and make it a full closet?  Hmmmmm
If you were to hang a hard right after the door, this is what is there. My closet and TV. The pile of clothes belongs to my husband...we won't got there. The stack in the back is a filing cabinet with my family pictures and records, and my husband's pile of empty boxes for stuff we own. I'm thinking they will be going to the basement to live.....very, very soon. I'm standing beside my bed to take this picture.
Now, I'll show you what I have been dealing with for a sink and vanity...DO NOT laugh!  Well laugh, I do..
You can see where the water closet is to the right. Isn't that sink hideous! And I'm using this Ikea like shelving for my bathroom/grooming stuff. It is very annoying to say the least. I can't wait to put in my new set up.

Here's a shot of the infamous "Water Closet"!  It had carpet in it, but I think bathroom carpet is disgusting so I pulled it out and found ancient linoleum...the real thing, not vinyl, linoleum!  It is kind of pretty, but in bad shape.
this has a little accordion fold door on it.

 If you were sitting on the edge of my bed, this is what you would see.  My roll top desk which is covered with my 11 1/2" doll collection and a couple other dolls.  There are some built in shelve above it that hold pictures and little sweet things that people have given me.  I plan to put my treadmill beside this, where the clothes basket is now.  That way I can watch the tv while I walk. I hate walking outside in the winter, I have an aversion to falling on the ice we get in our driveway.
You'll notice the entire room is paneled in gray paneling, I would change it, but that would require money and time I'm not sure I'm willing to devote to doing drywall, plus, that sounds an awful lot like WORK!
But, I did purchase some beautiful fabric to make curtains...
I love florals and I love blue and blue looks good in my gray room.  I'll post pics when I get them made. That will probably be in the next few weeks. I have other projects on my schedule too.

Here's a diagram of my room so you can visualize it better.
I think the stairs to the basement may occupy the unknown space, the first set of stairs is behind my water closet.
Well the Louvre this ain't, but it was a tour none the less.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

What happens when I get obsessed!

I've been so obsessed with avoiding Hoarderhood that I've forgotten to post anything on my blog in WAY too long.  I have been mildly absorbed with getting rid of excess stuff and making my living space more liveable.  My room has been a source of embarrassment for longer than is mentally healthy, but no longer....Want a tour!  I've been making plans to do some cool decorating in my boudoir. Let me explain a bit so you understand....Like I said, I live in my Grandma and Grandpa's old house. My Grandpa (bless his heart) was a cowboy, and an amazing innovator and being such, some stuff in my house is beyond interesting. Take my bedroom for one. He wanted to have a master bathroom so he went about creating one.....kind of.  He had several small closets in the room so he simply modified them to accommodate bathroom accoutrements!  I have a wonderful walk in shower right behind my bedroom door. And in the back of my bedroom in a very narrow former closet, I have what I refer to as my water closet.....A toilet and a generous towel cupboard!  But the thing that probably is strangest is the bathroom sink on one of the walls of my bedroom.   I guess he ran out of spare closets.  I loathe the sink and vanity, they are UGLY!!! But, genius struck and I know what I'm going to do.  I was given an antique cabinet thing which I'm going to turn into my vanity complete with an artful bowl sink and faucet.  I may have to live like I'm in a motel, but it will be a stylish motel! 
Tomorrow I'm off to crop 'til I drop with my fab group of friends, that should inspire some creativity for sure. Look for some interesting things from my bag of tricks next week.
I'll leave you with a cute picture of my furry baby....Alexander......
Peeking over the kitchen table hoping I'll toss him a treat!Yes, He's spoiled!