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Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Correspondence Box!

The youngest daughter said she didn't really want anything for her birthday except something I made or money. She was trying to save up for her Opera Workshop this summer, which by the way is going very well.  She mentioned some time ago that she would love some kind of kit full of things to write letters and stamps and maybe make a few cards for those occasions she needs them real quick.   Hmmm, what would be the perfect container for such a kit?  Then I spied it, sitting in my entry hall, a vintage overnight bag! You know the thing, kind of boxy and stout with ample room for stuff.  It had already been decorated a bit by the previous owner so I just added a few more decorations in the form of a few fairies and Behold! The Perfect
Container for the kit.

She loves vintage, old looking things so this was Excellent. 

 I decided I needed to line the inside lid so I picked up some vintage looking paper with a travel to Paris theme and I was set. After a bit of Mod Podge and with a bit of black elastic and a staple gun I made little places to hang things. (scissors, adhesive,pens, whatever)

Next I made a bunch of blank cards and some decorative paper fronts, then I whipped up some embellishments that could be mixed and matched. Sentiments! She needed sentiments so I made a variety of add-ons that would be perfect for the occasion of the moment, (birthday, get well,  thank you, sympathy, congratulations.)  I made each type of embellishment a box and labeled them. I added all the necessary glues and adhesives and included some stickers and jewels, some assorted sizes in envelopes and filled an  envelope with all the different kinds of postage she might need and I had created the ultimate away from home Correspondence Box!  I'm pretty proud of it, and the best things is, she loves it, and uses it!

The finished box in all its glory.