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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Trying my hand at interior decorating

So my oldest daughter has been living with me the past few months due to the economy's nasty habit of unemploying people. The Wind's of Luck blew in her direction and she now has 2 jobs, which means a place of her own....at last.  She found a really cute, quaint older flat for a ridiculously good price!  The manager said..."paint it, decorate it, do what you want as long as it makes it look better.
I've always wanted to paint an accent wall in a room....always, but my house doesn't work for such an wish.  I've spent the last 3 days, priming, painting and painting again... Wow!  Lots of work, but lots of fun and it looks sooooo good!!!  We did a lovely earthy brown on the living room wall and it matches her furniture so nicely. Then we painted a wall in her bedroom deep red....YUM!  She has this luscious bed set that matches the wall color.  And not to leave the kitchen out, we painted a wall in there red and the cupboard door centers red to match.  Now on to the other projects.  I ordered some cute  and sassy piggy print fabric in red for the kitchen and we're going to pick up some tab top curtains for the living room and something really sexy for the bedroom.  She's getting that for her birthday!  Since I have a Cricut, our next project is putting some sayings on her walls.....she just has to find her vinyl amongst all her packing boxes.  Now I need a rest, I really don't enjoy moving, I know, it's a great workout, and it will lower your blood sugar enough to let you eat pizza, but I'm ready to disappear to my crafting cave again so I can whip out some cool new things to show you.  Pictures of  this project are forthcoming, we just need to add the finishing touches.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Baby's Halloween Costume....Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas

So my Baby is 19 years old....She's still my baby.  She called needing costume ideas for Halloween, being in college, you get to go to lots of Halloween events, and she mentioned a costume contest at work that could net her some serious (for a college kid) money....$100!  We brainstormed and came up with Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas by Tim Burton.  I of course volunteered to make the costume.....she is my baby you know!
Hmmm, now what to do... should I buy a dress pattern and cut it up or what?  I made a visit to the local thrift store and picked up a dress in her size and with the right style for Sally.  Luckily for me, it had a lining which with some mad seam ripper skills I extricated and used to make a pattern.  I nabbed a pile of my husband's unread newspapers and traced out the dress pieces, adding a little around the edge to accommodate seams.  Another trip to the thrift store netted me some old clothes for recycling purposes.  I found a shirt in just the right shade of green, and a curtain with just the right stripes. 
I cut the newspaper pattern into shapes like on the original dress then played puzzle and sewed it together.  Little hint if you decide to tackle such and undertaking, number the pieces, and put little marks through each piece so you can match them up!!!!!
To add the finishing touch, I sewed black yarn over all the seams and added a few fall leaves to one sleeve and VOILA  a very cool costume for the Baby.  Now we'll have to wait to see if she wins the $ and for pictures of her in it.....This will have to suffice for now........

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Halloween Treat Boxes

My latest craze is making little boxes to hold various treats.
In honor of Halloween...(my birthday) I've whipped up a couple cute little treat boxes using my Cricut and the Mini Monsters cartridge, Stampin' Up paper, stamps and inks!  The candies are nothing more than Hershey's Treasures with wrappers....So easy to do and yet so cute!  Who'd have thought that putting fancy clothes on a chocolate could make it even more appealing?!
In the near future, I will do a tutorial on how to make this simple yet versatile box.  I'm working on Christmas designs at the moment.
Madame Mimi